Back in 2006 I was hired as a graphic designer - solely on the basis that I was good at drawing and that I was good at computers. In fact, back then, I had no clue what a 'graffik dizziner' was until I was already doing it!

However, it unlocked a passion inside of me I never even knew was there. Well, I kind of did, because I'd already been collecting fonts, reading up about colour psychology, and creating mock-logos for fictional brands - amongst other creativity-enhancing things.

I was finally being paid to do something I love!

Over a few years, I overtook my mentors and started forging my own path as a freelancer, a frightening journey at first, but now I'll never look back (it hurts my neck).

It got to the point where I was able to teach my own design course, which has now been published as a book! Buy it HERE.

I also have a passion for filmmaking (I love movies), music (I used to compose), and food (eating, not making).